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    Originally formed as Safety Mine Company. The company was conceived from the idea
            of using pressurized CO2 cartridges, rather than dynamite, to dislodge coal in mines.

1930    Company had a surplus of CO2 gas. Entered dry ice manufacturing and providing CO2
             for the soft drink industry

1938    Changed name to CARDOX (an acronym for Carbon Dioxide). Developed bulk storage 
            for CO2 and patent was issued in 1939.

1940s  First major clients for CO2 fire protection: Power Generation, Basic Metal Industries, 
Aircraft & Ammunition.

1958    Purchased by Chemetron Corporation. High pressure CO2 introduced. 

1970s  Launched Halon 1301 Systems – “Safe Fire Protection for Occupied Spaces.” 

1975   Chemetron Fire Systems was established as a separate division. 

1977   Allegheny Ludlum purchased Chemetron Corporation. 

1985   Chemetron Fire Systems was purchased by Figgie International. 
           Merged into Figgie Fire Protection.

1995   Williams Holdings Company purchased Figgie Fire Protection Systems. 

1997   Introduced FM-200 clean agent product line as a replacement for Halon 1301. 

1998   Developed & Launched Water Mist product line.

2000   Williams Holdings demerged into two groups, Chubb & Kidde – Chemetron fell under 
           the Kidde umbrella.

2001   Launched Argonite product line.  

2002   Launched CFS Field Service Initiative.

2004   Launched Novec 1230 product line.

2005   April - United Technologies Corporation (UTC) purchased Kidde Plc.

2010   Launched Air Intelligence High Sensitivity Smoke Detection product line.
           Launched Conventional Control Panel Micro XLT 

2011   Launched Single Loop Addressable Control Panel Micro SLX 

2012   Launched Multiple Loop Addressable Control Panel Micro MLX