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Application Bulletins

Cable tray
 Guide #      Product  
 Application Title
 700000370      LHD Linear Heat Detectors in
 Cable Tray Applications


Cement Plant

 Bulletin #      Product  
 Application Title
 0160 CO2 Coal Grinding, Handling, and Storage Systems       
 0165 CO2 Bag Houses (Bag Type Dust Collectors)

 Environmental hazards

 Bulletin #      Product 
  Application Title
 0400 CO2 Hazardous Material Storage                                            

 freezer warehouses

 Bulletin #       Product  
 Application Title
AG AI-005 ASD Aspirated High Sensitivity Smoke Detection                   
 for Optimal Performance and Reliability

 High value, business mission-critical assets

 Doc #           Product
 Application Title 

AG AI-001   

 ASD Very Early Incipient Fire Detection                                  

 High airflow environment

 Doc #           Product
 Application Title 
AG AI-002      ASD High Sensitivity Smoke Detection                                   

 high ceilings

 Doc # Product
 Application Title 
AG AI-003     ASD Effective Smoke Detection in High or                             
 Large Volume Buildings

 industrial processes
 Bulletin #  Product
 Application Title
 0500CO2Heat Treating Facilities Part 1 - Enclosed Quench Tanks 
 0505CO2Heat Treating Facilities Part 1 - Open Quench Tanks 
 0510CO2Protection for Wet Benches 
 0515CO2Protection for Coaters and Laminators
 0520CO2Protection of Thermal Fluid Heaters

 metal industry
 Bulletin #  Product       
 Application Title
 0300CO2Metal Rolling Mills       
 0305CO2Metal Rolling Mills - Multi-Stand Mills/Mills with
Water Based Coolant
 0310CO2Continuous Coil Coating Lines
 0315CO2Mini Mills Part 1 - Electric Furnaces & Continuous          
Casting Facilities
 0320CO2Blast Furnace Pulveruzed Coal Injection Systems
(and other Coal Storage Systems)


 Bulletin #  Product 
 Application Title
 0010 CO2Steam Turbine Generator Bearings 
and Associated Equipment
 0015 CO2Supplement A: Steam Turbine Generation
Bearings and Associated Equipment
 0020 CO2 Gas Turbine Generators
 0025 CO2             Compartmentized Gas Turbines
 0030 CO2 Hydroelectric Generators
 0035 CO2Hydrogen Cooled Electric Generators:
Inerting/Purging Systems
 0040 CO2 Coal Storage Silos and Bunkers
 0045 CO2 Coal Pulverizing Inerting
 0050 CO2 Diesel Electric Power Plants
 0055 CO2 Under the Sidewalk Transformer Vaults                       
 0060 CO2 Compartmentized Gas Turbines

 prison Cells

 Doc #          Product       
 Application Title
AG AI-004 ASDConcealed Detection                                                        

 Printing industry
Bulletin #     Product       
 Application Title
 0200CO2Newspaper Printing Plants          
 0205CO2Supplement A: Protection of Folders on
Newspaper Flexographic Presses
 0210CO2Supplement B: Stacked (Tower) Press Configurations   
 0215CO2Flexographic Printing - Paper, Film and Foil Conversion
 0220CO2Rotogravure Printing