Solutions for Your Applications

Across borders and across industries, Chemetron is meeting today's needs and tomorrow's changing requirements for integrated fire suppression systems. We combine fire suppression systems and technical expertise, which affords the extra measure of safety and reliability for any facility - anywhere!  Browse the links below to learn about application solutions that help protect your people, property, and the environment.

Cement Plants

When required, the Chemetron (Cardox) fire suppression/inerting/ safety system inerts the coal mill, floods the duct (and cyclone) and the dust collector with a CO2 liquid discharge in accordance with the requirements of NFPA Standard #12.  MORE

Freezer Warehouses
Freezer Warehouses, also referred to as Refrigerated Warehouses, Cold Stores or Cold-Storage Warehouses in parts of the world, present a unique challenge in the context of fire detection.  Freezers handle a variety of materials, some of which, are highly combustible.  MORE

Environment Hazards

Determining whether hazardous material storage needs fixed protection, or whether manual fire fighting would suffice, must obviously influence the much higher risk to fire fighters from the hazardous combustion byproducts. The money spent for appropriate, automatic, fixed fire protection is well spent when risk to personnel is added to the normal risk of fire. MORE

Heat Treating Facilities

Heat treating of steel is essential to the production of durable products. These products are heated in a furnace to the proper temperature and then cooled by some sort of quench: air, salt, special quench fluid, or oil. MORE

High Ceilings
Many modern buildings such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, gymnasia, superstores, churches, high-bay and freezer warehouses, hotels, aircraft hangers and artria are often built around a central atrium. The high ceilings of such building structures and the resultant stratification effects present an unsual problem to the fire protection engineer. MORE

Marine & Offshore Platforms

Making the most effective design, planning, and safety decisions for tankers, cargo and passenger vessels, and offshore drilling platforms is critical. The hazards associated with such marine and offshore operations necessitate the use of specialized fire protection systems. MORE

Metal Industry

Many Chemetron CO2 systems have been installed to protect a variety of metal processing facilities and processes including metal rolling mills, continuous coil coating lines blast furnace pulverized coal injection systems.  MORE


High Airflow Environments
High airflow environments are special areas typically used in semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology, life sciences and other fields that are very sensitive to environmental contamination. Due to their physical configuration as well as the direction and volume of air flowing through, these environments present a unique challenge to fire protection designers.  MORE

High Value, Business Mission-Critical Assets
Rooms that require very early detection contain high value, business mission-critical assets generally located in areas employing 'close control' air-conditioning and recirculation systems. As such, they present a unique challenge to the fire protection engineer. MORE


Power Generation

Chemetron has extensive experience in the power generation field dating from its first installations in 1940.  The largest power generators are steam electric plants where the fuels can be nuclear, fossil, or refuse based.  MORE

Printing Industry

Chemetron suppression systems offer the printing industry protection with experience in hundreds of installations that include protection of processing lines, including Gravure Printing, Flexographic Printing, Single and Multi-stage Coaters.  MORE

Prison cells pose a unique challenge for smoke detection devices. As most inmates are confined to locked prison cells, smoke detectors must provide early detection while avoiding nuisance alarms. Detector placement must permit delivery of smoke yet avoid malicious tampering by inmates while being accessible for maintenance, test & inspection. MORE

Record Storage/Archives

Chemetron has developed fire suppression systems for the protection of vertical carousels that take up little floor space, are reliable and offer fast fire suppression when needed. MORE

Telecommunication Centers

 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard #75 provides guidance for the protection of this type facility, but there are a number of alternatives as to how these protection aims can be met. MORE