MICRO SLX Control Panel

products Alarm & Detection

  • 5.4A Power Supply
  • Signaling Line Circuit 
    (255 SmartOne devices)
  • 2 Notification Appliance 
    Circuits (NACs)
  • 2 Releasing Circuits 
    (Initiators or 2 Solenoids)
  • 2 Combination NACs/
    Releasing Circuits (1 Solenoid)
  • 4 Form-C Relays
    (3 Programmable/1 Trouble)
  • 80-Character LCD Display
  • RS-485 Communications Circuit
  • USB Device Port
  • Optional Web
  • Accessible Component

Intelligent, Addressable
Fire Control Panel

The Chemetron Micro SLX Fire Alarm/
Suppression Control Unit is a compact,
multiplexed control unit suitable for either
stand-alone or peer-to-peer networked
applications. The Micro SLX advanced
features handle the demanding operational
requirements of fire extinguishing systems,
and provide complex command and
control capability for multiple suppression
systems at the lowest total-installed

Superior in performance than anything
else in its class, the Micro SLX is designed
to satisfy the market demand for a fully-
featured control unit in a cost-effective
package. The Chemetron Micro SLX can
support the full line of extinguishing/
suppression systems, from Low- and
High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide, Clean
Agents, and Water Mist


SS C-012