Fire Suppression


Products Engineered for Safety

Argonite Cylinders

Low Pressure CO2 Tank.

High Expansion Foam

For more than 68 years Chemetron Fire Systems has led the industry in innovative product design, constantly creating new solutions to handle today’s special hazards. Committed to protecting your valued assets while providing solutions to meet your fire protection needs - we are your single source solution provider.

Water Mist

Natural, non-toxic, efficient, and widely applicable, this risk-specific fire protection solution is a fine spray mist that offers effective protection without the deluge and damage of traditional water based systems.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Utilizing 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

Novec 1230 fluid is an environmentally acceptable, people compatible, clean agent for vital facilities with a wide range of applications. Novec 1230 fluid suppresses the fire by removing heat energy and interrupting the combustion process.


Developed as a Halon replacement, FM-200 has been selected by Chemetron as the best clean agent fire protection for vital facilities. We have designed systems for compatibility and maximum effectiveness with FM-200 and developed an innovative FM-200 flow calculation software program to aid in individual system design for each unique application.


Argonite is an inert gas that extinguishes fire based on the principle of oxygen depletion. Argonite is an environmentally acceptable clean agent that offers Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Low & High Pressure Carbon Dioxide

Since CARDOX® Carbon Dioxide Systems were introduced in 1940, our engineering, equipment, and performance have proven CO2 is the preferred choice and an agent with a proven track record.

Dry Chemical

Dry Chemical skid units are an effective means of controlling three dimensional Class B flammable liquid and electrical fires. Dry chemical will effectively extinguish flowing fuel and gas/liquid pressure fires where other types of equipment and agents may be ineffective.


For years, foam has been used as a fire extinguishing agent for flammable and combustible materials.  Unlike other agents, a stable foam "blanket" extinguishes a flammable or combustible liquid fire with the combined actions of cooling, separating flame or ignition sources from the fuel, suppressing vapors, and smothering.  Slow drainage and long lasting foam provides extended burnback resistance and protection against reflash or reignition.