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Clean Room

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A number of operations associated with the manufacture of electronic equipment require ‘special hazards’ fire protection. The special environment requirements of this type manufacturing necessitates the use of Clean Rooms.There are standards and practices that must be followed in Clean Room operations, most of which revolve around maintaining an environment with very little contaminants, specific humidity conditions, personnel operating procedures, etc. In such an environment, even a very small fire can create a major interruption of key processes with all the associated problems of suspended operations. Therefore, the key is very early fire detection and a plan to provide suppression quickly and cleanly. Chemetron uses a number of ways to accomplish this, each specifically tailored to each facility’s needs

Wet Benches

The use of Wet Benches is widespread, with the design of the required fire suppression meeting code, environmental, personnel safety, and operational considerations. Specific site design ensures the most compatible, cost effective system(s).

Wave Soldering Machines

Building the boards to put the chips to work often involves wave soldering, which presents a fire hazard from the fluxing and cleaning material. Each Bench model has somewhat different hazards: external fluxers, internal fluxers, cleaning equipment, and combustibles in the exhaust system. For some equipment fire suppression can be ‘standardized,’ but in most cases individual installations merit specific hazard analysis and protection to suit.