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National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard #75 provides guidance for the protection of this type facility, but there are a number of alternatives as to how these protection aims can be met. Chemetron’s interests and expertise lies in the aim to protect the operational continuity of these vital facilities and only incidentally with property protection concerns. Methods of early detection (with minimal chances of false alarm) are used to offer fast, clean fire suppression using environmentally friendly fire suppressing agents in systems matched to address personnel safety issues, operator’s needs and preferences, insurer’s requirements, code concerns, and costs.

Chemetron offers systems for the protection of these vital areas utilizing the latest in fire detection technology and a variety of fire suppressing agents, each well qualified to be the agent of choice. These include FM-200, Argonite (inert gas blend of argon & nitrogen), Novec 1230, and CO2 (used for protection of subfloor spaces). The pros and cons of each are objectively analyzed with the facility designer/owner/operator before a selection is made for the type of protection for a particular facility.