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Record retention requirements and the vital nature of some records dictate that they be stored safely and conveniently. In some instances the storage requirements are regulated; while in others, convenient access dictates the method of storage. Storage in Safes or "fire-proof" Vaults does not allow the ready access often required for efficient operations. The answer may be Vertical Carousel Storage - little floor space, easy access and fast retrieval are attractive features of this storage method.

Chemetron has developed fire suppression systems for the protection of these carousels that also take up little floor space, are reliable and offer fast fire suppression when needed. Inert gas is used as the extinguishant, ensuring that any fire damage is minimal and limited to that caused by the fire. Sensitive smoke detection is used to automatically operate the suppression system. Personnel safety is a primary concern. NOTE: Vertical carousels offer convenient, easy access, for the storage of large numbers of vital parts in warehouse operations as well.