Marine and Offshore Applications


Marine and Offshore Applications

Oil Platform

Large Cargo Ship


Making the most effective design, planning, and safety decisions for tankers, cargo and passenger vessels, and offshore drilling platforms is critical. The hazards associated with such marine and offshore operations necessitate the use of specialized fire protection systems. The large capital investment in marine vessels and offshore gas exploration facilities, along with the international importance of the products involved, presents special challenges in establishing and maintaining an environment with fire and personal protection and safety.

Companies with marine and offshore operations have confidence because Chemetron integrated fire suppression systems protect their marine and offshore investments around the clock, around the globe. Chemetron systems play a vital role in conjunction with marine and offshore corporations to anticipate potential risks and provide fire protection that will secure their investment in people, property, and the environment.

Major hazards are generally considered to be those spaces where potential fire would be too severe to be controlled with manual firefighting equipment. Such places include:

  • Machinery spaces
  • Cargo holds
  • Gas turbine enclosures
  • Fuel preparation and generator area
  • Electrical control and switchgear areas
  • Control rooms
  • Communications centers
  • Bilge pump rooms
  • Offshore platforms