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Chemetron control panels and detection devices feature automatic and manual programming, systems status monitoring, and other advances for detection and release. There are three main categories for alarm systems: addressable, conventional and special detection.

Addressable Systems

Addressable systems, also called "intelligent" systems, enable each and every initiating device to have an individual address, or zone identifier. This is most beneficial when servicing a system. If a detector is faulty, the technician knows exactly which device is at fault.  The addressable devices all connect to a single loop that runs through the premises. For more information click:

  • MICRO-MLX multi-loop control panel combines high quality,
    system reliability, and flexibility for modern commercial, high-tech,
    industrial and heritage applications in an aesthetically pleasing
    and physically robust package.
  • MICRO SLX, Fire Alarm/Suppression Control Unit is a compact,
    multiplexed control unit suitable for either stand-alone or
    peer-to-peer networked applications

Conventional Systems

Conventional systems are set with a certain number of zones that are hardwired to the control panel or zone expander.  Smoke detectors must be run on a separate zone from pull stations, etc. There may be a dozen detectors in a single zone and if one is faulty, the technician is tasked with finding it.  More cable is required because instead of having multiple devices wired into the same loop, a separate cable run for each type of device is required for these conventional systems. For more information click:

  • MICRO XLT & XLT lp control units are highly reliable and
    flexible and come well equipped to handle all special hazard
    extinguishing and suppression systems. They offer a high
    degree of programming flexibility as well as a full complement
    of input and output circuits.

High-Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems

Laser-based high-sensitivity smoke detection system  designed to detect fire in the incipient stage. Recommended for critical facilities such as data centers.