Industry Advisory

Personal Safety and your CO2 System

This is an important notification pertaining to changes in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements with regards to personnel safety and your CO2 system.  The changes in NFPA 12 are intended to reduce the risk to personnel and at the same time maintaining the reliability of the CO2 fire extinguishing system.  These changes and upgrades to existing systems involve a number of required components, based on the verbiage in the NFPA 12 standard.  Briefly, changes will typically involve some or all of the following items:

  • Signage
  • Maintenance lock-out valve
  • Discharge pressure switch
  • Pneumatic time delay
  • Pneumatic pre-discharge siren

NOTE:  Non-compliant systems could potentially be subject to OSHA and/or local AHJ review and penalty.

This information is NOT intended to take the place of a complete review of NFPA 12, 2008 edition, and subsequent evaluation of your existing system.  To discuss a complete on-site review of your system and subsequent compliance needs please contact:

Chemetron Technical Support Group

Tel: (708)-748-1503

For a more thorough discussion of the NFPA12 upgrade requirements, you may also download our white paper, here. MORE