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 Fire Suppression Systems

Customized Solutions for Process IndustriesKF-0080 Brochure
Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems KF-0087 Brochure
Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems Safety UpgradeKF-0085 Brochure

CAfexTM Clean Agent Systems

SS C-015 Sell Sheet


Low-Pressure CO2 System
SS C-010 Sell Sheet

High-Pressure CO2 System
SS C-011 Sell Sheet

 Alarm and Detection Products

Micro MLX
Addressable Panels

SS C-014 Sell Sheet

Micro SLX
Addressable Panels

SS C-012 Sell Sheet

Micro XLT
Conventional Panels

SS C-013 Sell Sheet


 Air intelligenceTM hssd Systems

Smoke Detectors

SS AI-001 Sell Sheet

Smoke Detectors

SS AI-002 Sell Sheet

Smoke Detector

SS AI-003 Sell Sheet

Classifire: Perceptive Artificial

Intelligence Technology

SS AI-004 Sell Sheet 

ASD Command Module

SS AI-005 Sell Sheet

LDD-3D3: Laser Dust
Discrimination Technology

SS AI-006 Sell Sheet

Pipe and Fittings

SS AI-007 Sell Sheet

PipeCAD Software

SS AI-008 Sell Sheet

Remote Display Unit

SS AI-009 Sell Sheet

SenseNET Software

SS AI-010 Sell Sheet